SocialWhisper is a new type of social network where user profile is filled by others who knows him.

Literally SocialWhisper is aimed to disclose the truth about people and motivate them not to cheat and lie to each other.

There is no way to change your own profile, only your friends, colleagues and relatives may post something about you. You may ask for the claim though in case if you find something offensive or not true about you.

To claim a post in your account you will be ask to provide a proof of why this post is not true so you will be able to add supporting documents and detailed explanation. During moderation process we'll define whether the post should be deleted from your account. By default each new user has a limit of 10 claim requests so you cannot claim every post. You may earn additional claim requests by filling other user accounts - you will receive one claim request per post after we review and validate it's eligibility. If somebody claimed your post you'll be asked to provide supporting documents to save it. But if during moderation we decide that your post is not truth it'll be deleted and you'll lose one claim request. If your posts are claimed too often your account might be banned for further posting.


We do not take any responsibility for the information provided in user accounts.

Eventually we review and validate new posts but we cannot guarantee the consistency of information in user accounts though so do not expect 100% true information and remember that opinions of people are highly subjective and may vary depending on circumstances.


To claim a post in your account or for any other matters please send us an email to

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