2 of TikTok’s Biggest Stars Accused of Copying Another Creator’s Dance Moves


When two of TikTok’s biggest stars Jack Wright and Addison Easterling, who are member of the
Hype House posted a video and asked everyone to join in the dance, they never thought that
eagle eyed fans would realize there was a problem. The problem was that two months before,
another creator on TikTok Hunter Lasater had popularized the same dance while using the
same song. This led many fans to ask whether Wright and Easterling were trying to copy
Hunter’s dance moves and pass them as their own.


this sound goes so hard @jameswrightt

♬ Holy Moly x 100 Racks x Reel It In – dj_yames

One fan actually went to the comments section of the video and stated that the dance moves
were from Lasater’s video and that the moves had only been changed a little bit. Lasater himself
agreed with the fan admitting that the two TikTok stars were really trying to steal his advance
moves. As the accusations appeared to pour Easterling and Wright’s way, the two were forced
to respond to the accusation. Easterling in her response appeared to give credit to Lasater for
inspiring some of the moves in their video. Wright on the other hand responded that most
TikTok dance are the same and the only alteration made is the order of the moves.



♬ original sound – András Schiff

Lasater later thanked the two stars for their credit. In the recent past, stealing dance moves is
becoming a major issue on TikTok. This is when young creators on TikTok recreate dance
moves in what is referred to as “dance challenges.” The dance challenges are ideally moves
made to a specific song. The problem is that most creators on TikTok often recreate dance
moves without acknowledging the original source. Not long ago, TikTok stars Nicole
Bloomgarden best remembered for her “Out West” Dance Challenge and Jalaiah Harmon who
is remembered for his Renegade Dance shot to fame when their dance challenges went viral.
However, it was later discovered that the dance moves were attributed to other creators.


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