Fans Petition TikTok to Remove Celebrity Blogger Perez Hilton after Feud with Charli D’Amelio


For almost a decade now, Perez Hilton is known as one of the most popular celebrity blogger. Just recently, Hilton decided to shift his focus and talk about Tik Tok stars arguing that there are certain stars who he says Genz Z cares about more compared to Hollywood. While his uncalled for behavio9us has been referred to as creepy, his choice of Tik Tok stars is what seems to have irked many people. Hilton has been in the recent past been under fire for targeting Tik Tok stars who are minors especially his comments about Charli D’Amelio.

Interestingly, D’Amelio is one of the most followed people on Tik Tok. Hilton has been one of the top celebrity gossip bloggers with a career spanning over fifteen years. The blogger became popular with his controversial opinions both on his blog and YouTube channel. He made a name for himself in the entertainment industry that at one time in 2007; he was mentioned in one of the episodes in CSI. Hilton happens to have a litany of lawsuits against him with the most recent being Angelina Jolie who threatened to sue him for reporting her divorce with Brad Pitt in 2016.

The openly-gay reporter has also come under harsh criticism over his tendencies of calling out gay male celebrities to declare their sexualities. Hilton is now changing tact and is now targeting Tik Tok’s biggest stars. In what is seen as a way of diversifying his audience on Tik Tok, YouTube and blog, Hilton has set his sights on D’Amelio posting about her break up with former boyfriend Chase Hudson. Given that he is 42 years of age, Hilton faced backlash from Tik Tok users given that he was making posts about teenagers.

The drama started when D’Amelio posted a video of her clad in a Bikini while dancing to “Sugar” by Brockhampton while in the Bahamas where she was vacationing. It is at this point that Hilton commented to the video asking if it was appropriate for a 15-year-old to be dancing to such a song. While D’Amelio went on to comment that she was just having fun, Tik Tok fans thought that Hilton was being too judgmental  especially when a follow up comment emerged where Hilton questioned D’Amelio’s parents decision.



♬ sugar by brockhampton but with a surprise – adamohmusic

It is such posts that have seen the celebrity blogger attract a lot of backlash with Tik Tok fans now urging the app to deactivate the blogger’s account. Hilton’s defense amidst growing criticism only appears to make things worse. So will Tik Tok heed the call and deactivate Hilton’s account?


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