TikTok Star Ondreaz Lopez Speaks Out After Being Accused of Sexual Assault

Tik Tok star Ondreaz Lopez has finally responded to allegations of having sexually assaulted a Twitter user who identified herself as Al in 2018. At the time, Al is said to have been 17 years old. The incidence supposedly took place in Las Vegas Nevada where the sexual age consent is 16 years. According to the accusation against the social media personality, Ondreaz invited a dance team that Al was also part of to his house for a sleepover in preparation of a competition that was supposed to take place the next day. Al claimed that it was during the sleepover that the Tik Tok star sexually assaulted her.

However, Ondreaz has refuted the claims of sexual assault in a lengthy post while detailing the events of the night. According to him, Al was sleeping on the couch while he took the bed but later offered to share his bed with her and another friend. He says that he offered his bed as a sign of being polite. After joining him in bed, Ondreaz claims that Al and her friend said they like to cuddle after which they buried their face on his neck and put their legs over his. Seeing the turn of events, he said that they are the ones who “initiated making out.” Lopez described the making out as having been consensual and as things escalated, he did try to get on top of them.

He said that they stopped him and said that it was not their intention to have sex with him. He described as having felt confused but adds that at no point did he try to force himself on any of them. Al further accused the Tik Tok star of telling the rest of the crew that she was the one that initiated everything when he knew so well that it was he that invited her to his bed. Asked why they did not report to the authorities, Al stated that they felt that the authorities would never take them seriously. 

Ondreaz says that he has a cordial relationship with Al even joking about the night they almost slept together. He claims that it has never been his position to invalidate a victim of sexual assault adding that he has been a victim on two different occasions. He mentioned a case where he was sexually molested by a male friend of his elder brother while he was 8 years old. However, he did not mention the perpetrator of the other incidence only saying that he was a member of his family. Ondreaz explained that he was not on a sympathy seeking mission by mentioning that he was a victim of sexual assault but rather, the fact that it happened to him means that he would not wish another person to go through a similar ordeal.


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